Prairie Ice Services


As the core item offered by Prairie Ice, we can provide a quality ice surface for the entire curling season. We will provide the use of our Icemaster Boss Scraper, along with our other equipment such as pebble heads, and mixed bed DI water filtration to further purify the club’s water to ensure a quality ice surface.



If you have an ice technician that is unable to install your curling ice for various reasons, we can come and install it for you!
Various install packages are available varying from a complete install, paint and finish, to just painting to suit the needs of each club. All packages will include Jet Ice paint, our exclusive paint provider as they can offer an affordable, quality paint.



Looking to improve your ice but don’t know where to start? We can help!
We can give advice from water treatment, to scraping patterns, pebbling techniques, and more. Consulting is available both in person and over e-mail, depending on the amount and type of consulting and training necessary.



This is our specialty. With experience at multiple national and international arena events, including a local 64 team bonspiel in Saskatchewan, we are able to provide quality arena ice for your bonspiel.
We will provide the necessary equipment incuding paint, foam, hacks, and install and maintenance equipment.
All that will be required by the host committee is to acquire rocks, provide a reasonably level ice surface to reduce install time, and a few volunteers to assist in the painting of the white and installation of the rings.


We are constantly looking at ways to improve the tools that make an ice technician’s job easier to provide quality ice, and will only offer the top quality equipment available.